On the 31st August, 1898, (what is 117 years ago sharp) people in Kyiv had a solemn ceremony of opening one of the first technical higher educational institutions in Ukraine in response to industry needs of the southwest part of the state, which developed rapidly in the late nineteenth century. On the 30th of August of the same year they laid the foundations of buildings Polytechnic in Lithuanian highway in an area of approximately 39 hectares.

The university started its work with only 4 departments and 360 students. But later it grew up to 18 faculties, 8 educational research institutes, 8 scientific centres, 6 research institutes with the general amount of students more than 21 thousands, so this way it turned into the modern dynamic educational center with a great history and experience, strong traditions of fundamental training.

Today NTUU “KPI” is the pride of national science and education, because it is really a leader in everything, beginning from indicators of foreign economic activity, the scientific level of the faculty, the quality of training on international standards and ending with simply position rankings of national universities.

However, the real success factor of higher educational institution is always its students and graduates. Here KPI can be proud of itself, because the university produces not only highly qualified professionals with more thanКПИ белочка 120 Specialties but does much more. It cherishes in harmony developed talented individuals, their grateful children of Ukraine. Its students win in contests and competitions, gain international grants, take an active part in social projects, in parallel with this successful joke from the scene of Club of cheerful and resourceful and, if necessary, they are the first to go to defend their homeland. University graduates enrich the national economy innovative utility models and advanced technical developments constantly increasing level of competitiveness.

Well, what should we wish to our native university!? We wish it ambitious ideas and creative vitality to be actually implemented, further development and prosperity in the turbulent world of science! Happy Birthday!